Trusted Integrator

iGOV is a Trusted NSA Approved Integrator. Our proven solutions meet all requirements needed to be a trusted partner of the CSfC Program. Being part of the CSfC Program since 2020, we have the proven experience and customized solutions for our customers. 

Approved Integrator

CSfC Program Overview


CSfC is a gateway capability architecture developed by the NSA, that enables access to network enclaves without the need for Type 1 encryption, instead securing the data by using independently layered, NSA approved, commercially available encryption standards and best practices. 


iGov’s outstanding personnel are the foundation of our services. Talented engineers collaborate with certified helpdesk teams and technicians to research, design, engineer, deploy, and sustain COTS and GOTS technologies for compelling, mission-centric solutions.


iGov was contracted to provide a secure mobile communications capability with a low force protection signature that allows for senior staff to maintain situational awareness while on travel. Additionally, the customer wanted to enable Commander and staff to continue national defense activity, while remaining socially distanced. And finally, to provide wireless access to SIPR and NIPR on a single device while on-site at MARCENT HQ and remotely. iGov provided solutions quickly and effectively and was NSA approved Sept. 2021.