Our Legacy

iGov Wins 1st Contract

iGOV launches in to the industry on the NIH ECS III contract, a government wide acquisition contract for a wide range of information technology products. 

Nov 27, 2002


This was a major win for the iGOV team and brought iGOV to the forefront of the special operations industry. Functioning as an interface between the SOF warfighter and the Global Information Grid, TACLAN provides seamless, interoperable networks for teams of all sizes and help facilitate responsive, knowledge-based decisions. 

Oct 6, 2005

iGov Continues to Grow

iGOV continues its growth pattern with smaller contracts to support surveillance platforms, DHS MESHNET, and the USMC Tactical Collaborative Work Suite (TCWS)


USSOCOM TACLAN II Follow-on Contract is Awarded

iGOV wins the follow-on 5-year TACLAN II contract with a ceiling of $500 Million. This contract provided acquisition for all components necessary, software integrations, and full logistics and sustainment. 

Feb. 1, 2013

iGOV Is On Fire

iGOV continues to dominate the market and wins contracts with the Department of Homeland Security, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), NASA, National Institute of Health (NIH), the GSA IT Schedule 70, and the PEITSS contract with the U.S. Air Force. 


iGOV Expands to New Markets

iGOV grew into new markets winning key Army and Navy contract vehicles. Joining the SeaPort-NxG and US Army RS3, enabled the iGOV team to continue to grow and expand within the industry. 


Growth Within USSOCOM Continues

Being a key partner on the USSOCOM Targeted Requirements Execution (TREX) enabled iGOV to continue it's partnership with USSOCOM and provide mission-critical integrations and solutions. 


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